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TAIWAN January2013, Day01

Other than going to Malaysia, this is the first family trip I had.
It's not perfect but not too bad as well. Overall I still enjoyed.
Pictures are up on Facebook but wanted to share where did we go, food we ate & the new places I went for this trip. So, here it is...

It was my first time taking Scoot. I felt it's almost same as any budget airline. Oh.. I'm talking about leg room here. Not the size of the plane, I'm not really that concern about it.
The timing for Scoot is just..... bad? good? Good is that we will reach in the morning. Bad is that sleeping on the plane is not so comfortable.

We reached Taiwan in the early morning, 6 am.
No restaurants or shops were opened other than... 7 Eleven.
We filled our stomach with some food before we moved on.

Got no idea why did I chose BOTH liquid stuff....

After eating, the young people (my younger, elder brothers and his gf, Shixuan and myself!) went to check out on getting some Youth Pass which is almost useless and also Taiwan SIM card.
YEAH to having dataplan! :)

Waiting for the driver (we booked before we came) to fetch us to the hotel.

We have 8 people for this trip, therefore we need a big car/van.
This car is actually for maximum 10-12 people so we are all sitting very comfortably! :)

After unloading our luggage at the hotel, CityInn Plus (Ximending), we went to this breakfast place which was supposed to be good.

Here's my mother and father!

I don't even remember the name of the food we ordered.
Anyway, they are not fantastic.... :(

This soya milk tasted damn weird, like bitter taste...
The rest said it was because it's grinded from the bean and not being processed like the ones selling in Mr Bean.

And because of the taste, I only had 1-2 cm of it?! Hahaha!

We went to CKS Memorial Hall since most shops were not open yet.
I didn't visit these tourist historic places during my first trip.
But since we had parents with us, thought it will be more suitable to go these places.

Basically we just did sightseeing and took some photos then went off because the weather was too cold. The parents didn't really want to walk.

See! My mum has low tolerance for cold.

Ok, the wind was really strong and it was drizzling so that explains the cold weather.
It might be probably the first day we were there and not getting use to the weather yet.

The two brothers.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, I'm back again.
My mum didn't like her food. 
I think the food were mediocre, but the portion were huge and not very pricey.

My elder bro's.

The exact same food I ordered when I last came.
Baked Pasta and Honey Milk Tea :)

After lunch, it was time to check in.
Second time staying in this hotel, CityInn Plus Ximending.
I love it! It's conveniently located near Ximen station, 1 traffic light away from Ximending and there's convenient store beside and a shopping mall opposite the hotel.
And most importantly, it's CHEAP! $70-80 per night only!

My brother's and I took the Triple Room.

After resting for a while, we took a cab to Taipei 101.
It's my second time here yet I still don't get to go to the Observatory Deck. No fate :(

The view was covered by the fog.

Parents taking photos for those funny shots like falling from Taipei 101.

Dinner at Kanpai which is at the building across Taipei 101.
This was one of the proper dinner we had. We were having street food for most of our dinner.

No worries about going in big group, they definitely have tables for you.
There were 8 of us and we were given 3 grills.

The interesting thing about this restaurant is that they have special hour which you can have free beer/meat. I couldn't remember what was free but that special hour was 8pm.

Don't worry about not knowing what to order because what the waiter did for us was, he picked all the recommended ones and listed them to let us review. We will then let him know which are the ones we are not interested from the list. So that makes the whole ordering process much easier... :)

We were all hungry so ordered something which could be served almost immediately.
We ate the starters while cooking the meat!!!

Assorted Mushroom which was good!

And here's the Scallop... As good as the mushrooms!

Yeah!!! Finally BBQing some food!

And these are all the food we ordered!
There were so many and I don't even remember which is chicken/beef or pork.
And I even accidentally ate Cow Tongue!!! OMG! I don't like eating these weird parts, but it turned out to be good! I just thought it was normal beef.

Everyone eating happily!  :)

Here's the LAST dish for tonight - THE WAGYU BEEF!
It was quite a huge and thick piece.
Everyone knows Wagyu is expensive, so the waiter helped to BBQ this to ensure we don't overcook it!
Loveeeeee their service! :)

Here's the waiter cum chef!
Anyway I think he was quite sad because after he cooked and cut the beef for us, almost all of us went to BBQ it again. It was too raw. And he kept asking us if it is ok..... Haha!

Anyway, I'm someone who doesn't eat steak because I don't like to see the meat red which means raw.
But if I ask for well done, the meat will be kinda dry and tough. 
However, this time round, the wagyu beef tasted soooo good! Tender and melting in my mouth~
But this ONE piece was shared among 6 (my parents don't eat beef) of us, so I only had a small part and that's it. I'm sure to go back for more of it!
Total cost about $30 per pax if I didn't remember wrongly.

Shall end this post with the lightings in a wine glass shaped.
Continue to keep a look out for Day02.

still loving taiwan...

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