Sunday, January 06, 2013

Best X'mas ever.

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S   2 0 1 2
with girlfriends - the best party I've ever had so far.

We booked a hotel room with Park Avenue Rochester with free upgrade to a one bedroom suite.
When we reached the suite was fully booked and they gave us a free upgrade to a better suite!
Lucky us!

Some photos are not that great (esp the first two pics) as it was taken before I cleaned my camera lens.
FML, didn't know the lens was so dirty. No wonder I always feel the photos I took are a little blur.
Anyway, check out the hotel room pictures below!!! Please shout NICEEEEEEE! :)

There's docking station, 2 TVs (living room and bedroom), microwave and even washing machine!

    Tried and tested the bed. We jumped on the bed and it doesn't really affect the one sleeping on
    another side! Super good and comfy!

    And yes, there is a bath tub!!! :)

   Kettle, induction stove, pots and pans, knife, forks, spoons, plates.. you name it and you get it! 
   Everything is there for us to use! How awesome right?!

Just started to prepare food and the crackers dropped on floor....

Caught you, Fify!

Started decorating the place and these are bought from Typo. It came as a party set with balloons, tags, party hats (super small so we didn't really use it), plates, cups and serviettes!

This is the super small party hat which none of us can fit!

XOX, Rayne must be busy cooking... Haha! :)

Trying to figure out how to use the oven...

Cutlery set up, all ready for dinner! :)

Say Hello to HELLO KITTY!

Sneak Preview. This is just a small part of our Christmas feast!

I think we really did a good job in making the food and setting up everything sooooo nicely.

Our Food:
Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownie (by Karen)
S'mores cookies (by Fify)
Vittoria from Spizza
Portobello Salad and Garlic Bread from Spizza
Smoked Salmon Canapes 
Ichigo Bliss - Frozen Strawberry (by Rayne)
Ikea's Meatballs
Whips' Mini Cupcakes (by Fennie)
Mashed Potato
Clam Chowder soup
Sushi (by Yvonne)

Gift Exchange after dinner!

Everyone with the present we bought.

This year we did something different to choose our present.
We used Drunken Tower - Jenga to determine whose present to get.
It's definitely more fun with alcohol! :)

After MANY rounds of Jenga, removing more empty blocks and adding more blocks with numbers, all of us finally managed to get our present!!! :)
My present from Yvonne.

Cute mini tins from Taiwan. From Fennie to us!

Christmas Present - Tea cup and Tea bags :)


Awesome girls who made the night so wonderful! :)

Karen and Chris went off, leaving the five of us to stay overnight...

G O O D  M O R N I N G !

left over party stuff to clear BUT before anything else, BREAKFAST first!

Chef Rayne in action! 
We seriously need her, she cooks damn yummy scramble eggs!

Lazy Fify just sitting around watching Ellen's show!

The rest were all busy helping out and Rayne defined me as the "act busy" by taking photos!!! 
Wahahaha! But that's true... but I did helped out to warm up some of the food :p

Everything was leftover from the previous night except for the eggs.
It still looks so damn yummy please! What a nice breakfast! :)

Time to take a walk after breakfast.
We explored the hotel before we checked out.
Nice swimming pool but kinda odd shape and not really meant for swimming I guess.

I'll love to exercise in such gym but not much privacy thou.

Walkway outside of gym and also leading to the swimming pool.
Love the twinkling lights on the floor :)

Back to hotel and camwhore!
Oh gosh... my shag face.....

Awesome party? 
Super awesome I'll say.

Spending close to $80 each for this party but totally worth it.
I really hope we are going to do the same for this year Christmas.
The hotel was super nice and comfy, the staffs were polite and great!
Highly recommend this hotel! Check out the hotel here!

Hope you have fun for your Christmas and here wishing you A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hello 2013! 


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