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Late Jingle Bells ...

Another outdated post.

1st Jan 2012
Post Christmas Party & New Year Celebrations with girlfriends

Thank Yvonne for offering her place to hold this party!
Her generous mum bought us a turkey! & it's huge!
It doesn't looks big from the picture, but trust me, the oven is huge so is the turkey!

Some of my lovely girlfriends reached earlier to prepare the food!
Before we dig in.

T I M E  T O  E A T !

Here's a list of everyone's contribution:
Yvonne - Definitely offering her place
Chris - Pasta, Sauce & Soup
Fennie - Ham
Fify - Pizza Roll & Fruit Tart
Rayne - Potato Salad

I can't really rmb who bought the Ikea's meatball & sauce! And no idea what is Karen's contribution!?! Hahaha :) But mine is Shepherd's Pie which arrived later but I didn't took a picture of it. It's extremely yummy. If you are curious, it's from The Shepherd's Pie. Click here for webbie!

See the orange spots on top of the banana?
That was what happened when Rayne opened the lid for the pasta sauce!
Droplets of sauce flew onto the fruit tarts... TSK TSK TSK !

Pizza Roll made by Fify was ultra yummy! I totally love it! :)
Potato Salad made by Rayne was delicious too. The rest were nothing much to mention because we bought them instead of making it! Hahaha :)

After dinner, it was ...

S  O U V E N I R S '  T I M E !

Fify came back from her Europe trip and she bought stuff for us!
That's probably the best thing for those who are not traveling, because you get the souvenir!

PRETTY MANICURE SET Fify got for me!!! :)
I think I won't use the file because it's too pretty!!! 
Butterfinger was yummy too! :)

Souvenirs Time was over and followed by ...

G I F T  E X C H A N G E !!!

We had a special way of allocating the presents.
About one month before this celebration, we drew lots to know who are we giving the present to.
It was kinda difficult to have everyone NOT getting their own name.
We had a few rounds of it & finally everyone didn't get their own name and we settled with it!
When we reached Yvonne's house, we put our presents in a black garbage bag one at a time.
Nobody knew which wrapper/present was the one I bought and vise versa.
However, we did stick a small piece of paper to indicate which present is for which person.

We made a guess who bought for who & everyone wrote it down on a paper.
The top two or three winners can avoid drinking one jello shots!
Everyone started guessing & writing ...

The thing is if you know this person well enough, you can probably guess what kind of wrapping paper she will use and guess from there. Hahaha :)

Anyway, Karen and I guessed four out of six correctly, so we avoid the drinking!
Here's a picture of everyone with their present!

Yvonne's from Rayne.

Chris's from Fify.

Fennie's from Chris.

Rayne's from MEEEEE!

Fify's from Yvonne.

Karen's from Fennie. It's a jewellery box anyway.


A picture of ALL PRESENTS when revealed! :)

T I M E  F O R  J E L L O  S H O T S
Following Fify's instructions, we tried making Jello Shots which kinda failed.

MIDORI in the house! :)

Everyone had a shot of it and most of us just thought we are going to die of diabetes!
The shots were FAR TOO SWEET! Hahaha :)

But since they were made so just play it with Roulette Shooters!

We followed by our usual super high & fun TABOO to end the day!

Here's my present from Karen. It's actually something I wanted from Diva!!!

Goodie Bag from Yvonne! It's her routine to give us goodie bag during Christmas for every year.
Same goes to Chris. I didn't took a picture of the goodie bag Chris gave is because I finished the food long ago & I received it much more earlier than the rest!

I'm finally done with LAST YEAR's post!!!
It's MARCH already.
Ok, will start blogging more stuff for this year!

Bye people. Gonna hit the sack soon!

g i s i a n g 

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