Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Year Eve 2011

Since my last post of my 2012 Resolution, I hasn't post anything after.
Days went passed as usual for 2012...
I want to go back a little to the last day of 2011, a little update on it.

Had steamboat session at Vonne's house with the whole BFF clique! :)
Thanks Vonne for offering her house for this dinner.
Everyone help with whatever they can to make this dinner possible! 

Vonne's mum being very helpful. She laid the table cloth, prepared utensils and etc...

Start off with cutting and opening all ingredients and putting them in plates.

In the midst of discussing how should we cook the soup...

Sam volunteered to cut the chicken into small pieces.

After much preparation, we have got all ingredients ready to start our steamboat! :)

See the amount of food varieties we had! Damn awesome! Super yummy!
I'm missing it now....

This got to be my FAVOURITE! Super in love with the grilled food! 
And I'm super hungry now because I'm dieting, trying to get back to my previous weight...

Singyee & Weekiat! :)

Me & Singyee! :)

After dinner, it's time for GAMES!
I borrowed Taboo from Fify to play with them until the clock strikes 12!
Only near to 12 am, then we decided to have our post X'mas gift exchange!

When we revealed ALL PRESENTS!!! :)
I received very awesome gifts from all of them. You can easily tell the box of Hello Kitty cookies (from Jiaqi) and iPhone bumper (from Singyee) are mine! In additional, got a mini fan from Jiaqi. Merci Chocolate from Vonne. Body Shop shower set from Yinghui.

Jiaqi gave Vonne a game set, Drunken Tower.
Basically it is Jenga/ Uno Tacko but in a drinking game form.
We played it that night & just keep on drinking.... 

Each and Every move is crucial... & this explains Weekiat's facial expression. Deep in thoughts.

Time for dessert at 2 am!
I think I made the strawberries looked damn yummy! Power of photoshop!

We had chocolate fondue as dessert! All time favourite!

Shall end off with a photo of EVERYONE! :)
HAPPY 2012!

On the 1st Jan, I had a post X'mas celebration with girlfriends.
Still procrastinating if I should blog about it.
It was quite some time ago plus there are quite a lot of photos... Lazy to filter & edit.
Ok, probably will upload if I have the feel to do it...

Goodnight lovely Saturday night & Hello Sunday morning.

g i s i a n g , s l e e p i n g .

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