Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've been away from my blog for quite some time. I had been spending a lot of time watching Running Man. Tonight, feeling restless due to Fennie's 21st party last night... & finally decided to do a short update for Vonne's 21st.

I attended THREE 21st birthday parties in October, so here's one of those.

. . . . .

Vonne's 21st was held at Aloha Loyang, the one near Downtown East.
The place was huge, with 4 rooms, a living room and a kitchen.
We helped her with her decorations, blowing and putting up the balloons and etc..

Spot the Brazil table?! 

One of the reasons I loved attending party is because of FOOD! Endless yummy food! :)

B I R T H D A Y  G I R L

Anyway, her birthday theme was colourful and all of us really dressed up in different colours.
Singyee: orange, Yinghui: green, Jiaqi: purple, Me: yellow !!! 

Vonne & the presents we gave her :)

The first round of cutting cake. Yummy durian cake!!!

Cute little cupcakes her friends bought for her... :)

Her funny dad asking her to pick numbers for 4D!

Vonne & her family! 

Vonne & our clique. Not a nicely taken photos.... but at least it's something.

Vonne's second birthday cake which her friends specially ordered for her.
Really a very pretty cake! :)

Lastly, ending with a picture of Vonne & her beautiful cake!

After her party, we headed to Singyee's chalet to chill for awhile before heading home.
The next day after Vonne's party was Singyee's party.... Continuous parties!

I'll do a post for Singyee's birthday party as well, but that will depend on when I'm in the mood to blog.
I'm trying to blog all the 21st birthday parties I've attended, but it will definitely take me some time.

Anyway, today marked the last time I went for facial at Bioskin. Although I really wish to continue but I need MONEY to do that.... I will definitely miss the therapist, Ivy. She has such good skills making me really want to sign up another facial package. If I have the money, I will definitely want to be back at Bioskin for facial! :)

Ok, enough said for tonight. Gonna surf net for awhile more before heading to bed.
Goodnight people, & it's the most hated Monday again...

g s i a n g , C o u r a g e .

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