Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Chalet booked 2 months before the actual day.
Rushing all the decorations stuff in a month time.
Ordered catering 2 weeks before the actual day.
Sending out invites on Facebook.
And finally, the day arrived.

29 AUGUST 2011, THE KEY TO  F R E E D O M . 

The above decoration was a very last minute one and have to thanks Jiaqi for printing, cutting and sending those stuff over! :)

I'm totally in love with this tier of desserts! I'm presenting my favourite desserts to all my beloved friends who came to my party!

Thanks the guys for getting the donuts! It was not part of my dessert bar plan but it just fits nicely into it!!!
Thanks Vonne, Yinghui, Sam & Jon for collecting the cake and macaroons for me.
Thanks my elder bro who stayed in the chalet to collect the fruit tarts on my behalf.
Thanks Singyee for washing and cutting all the fruits for me.
Thanks my mum for making the yummy almond jellies.

And everyone who helped to layout the awesome dessert bar!
I really LOVEEEE it! :)

I will definitely want a bigger & better dessert bar in the future! :)
But I'm very happy with this for now!

My awesome besties who came earlier to help out! :)

TADAH! And the rest who came earlier as well! Plus Weekiat & Jiaqi who were not in the photo!
Thanks friends!!! :)

Everyone helping in & out was hungry so LET'S DIG IN!!!

Ordered from Meihao99
The food was alright but not awesome. 
This was the same catering for Lynette's 22 birthday & it was great the other time but probably I just made some wrong choices for the food. Probably I should choose more fried & chef recommended dishes. 

 Sweet & Sour Drumlet. I didn't like this.

Salad Prawn. This was everyone's favourite! Super yummy! Those who came late didn't actually have a chance to taste it! I personally liked it very much as well! :)
Initially I thought Salad Prawn was like fried tempura prawn with mayonnaise, but it's not, even nicer!

People always say the birthday person won't have the chance to eat a lot, but not for my case!
My plate was full!!! Vonne just "kiap" non-stop! Hahaha! :)

Still 'kiap-ing'!

Mum asking me whether food is enough, what time are the rest coming....

I think my birthday party kinda looked pathetic here! Where are all my friends? Such an empty chalet!

After dinner, all gathered and started playing chess! I got NO idea how to play this!


There were TWO presents in the Fred Perry bag and they asked me to pick ONE!
But obviously both are for me right?!! Hahaha :)

Super useful for me! I've been wanting to get one for the longest time...

Lovely Kate Spade wallet! I love the colour of it! 
I've been wanting to get a sexy red wallet & now I have one!!!
I have not change over to this yet, because I'm planning to use it for next year.
Don't worry friends, I will definitely use it!!! :)

My cute friends with innovative ideas of giving me "birthday plates" instead of birthday cards!
From Left to Right: Jiaqi, Vonne, Yinghui, Singyee

Me & my lovely friends.
Is this a candid shot? Why am I showing that super retarded face? OMG -_-

This is the most 'perfect' photo of all of us!
But I think my half opened eyes kinda just spoiled the photo! Hahaha :)

I liked this photo with Jiaqi! :)

With Yinghui & Sam!

Finally someone came!!!
Alison & her bf, Joel came!
Both of us laughed out when we saw our photos because we have almost the same hair style!
She's my Genting mate, neighbour & best childhood friend ever!
Exchanging stickers, playing swings, drinking bubble tea &&& getting fat together! Wahahaha :)

Finally ALL my friends arrived!
They only reached when the time was close to 9pm!
Ok, I don't blame them... they had a hard time wrapping & bringing the HUGE plus HEAVY present to my chalet! :)

After dinner, it was TV time because it was the last episode for the Chanel 8's 9pm show so everyone is watching it!!!

A W K W A R D   M O M E N T

I don't need a beautiful cake but I need a yummy cake.

Not really organised when singing birthday song, because I felt so awkward to call people to crowd around and sing birthday song for me!!! And of cos super awkward when all attention is on ME!

b l o w i n g  c a n d l e s 

m a k i n g  w i s h 

Why am I in that weird position? That is because, everyone kinda knows my wish.
For at least the past 5yrs, I've been wishing for STUDIES & most importantly my family and friends being healthy & happy. This year, NO MORE WISH FOR STUDIES!

c u t t i n g  c a k e

With family.

With the closest relatives from my dad's side.

With besties! Friends for the longest time, 10 years & still counting...
Too bad, Yinghui & Sam had to leave first... :(

With Weekiat, Jonathan & Zhiming.

With Alison & Joel.

With girlfriends! The best classmates ever & school can never be boring with them around! :)


With my "7 days" friends. The two friends that I had only worked with for 7 days but yet contacting till now! Awesome friends!

Anyway, really gotta thank Alison for providing very precious suggestions for the selection of cakes! And she reminded me Rive Gauche's Guanaja which I thought it was a really good choice! Love the cripsy base and yet it's not too sweet (for me)! :)

. . . . .

Battle between Dad & Jon!!!

Anyway, Jon lost. 姜还是老的辣!

Friends started to write birthday messages in the book I've prepared.
I actually just bought the book and gave up halfway trying to make it more like a scrapbook! Zzz
I decided to let my friends decorate the book themselves. 

Photo with Chris, Lynette & Huifen before they left.

The Telemarketing Clique! :)


Super huge & heavy present from girlfriends!
The Hello Kitty lock which signified I'm 21!!!

Before opening the present, I had to find the key for the lock!
Obviously I can just opened the present even without the key but I still had to play along with it.
SOOOOO, I was like a fool trying to search for the key!
Even Singyee played along to bluff me, Zhiming acted as if he had the key.... 
After all the searching, the key was actually stick onto one of the alphabets from the 'HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY' decoration that was on the wall!!!
. . . . .

Rayne started giving clues about the present & making me guess AS USUAL!
I really got no idea what they have gotten for me as didn't need anything.
Only until Fennie said, with this thing, nobody will snatch chocolates with me THEN I guessed that it might be a mini fridge. However, I still find it kinda impossible because if it's a fridge, it should be like square or those really small kind. But the present is LONG... !

So, I finally started unwrapping it...

TADAH! I love the "paparagi" telephone booth mini fridge!
It is not a need or a want but definitely good to have one!!!
Because I have been complaining of my younger brother stealing my chocolates!!!
I always have to hide my food in the kitchen fridge, but now that I have my own fridge means anything that I put inside is not for him! Not allowed to take or eat!!! Wahahaha *evil laughters*

In the mini fridge was a Coach wristlet, OPI nail polish set & Loreal eye cream(which I totally forgotten about it until I saw the last pic!) !!!
The Coach wristlet is super useful for an O.L like me! Can bring it to lunch, but currently using the one my elder brother and his gf, Shixuan gave one. Don't worry friends, I will confirm use it! 
As for the OPI set & Loreal eye cream, I've started using it already! :)

I'm planning to use the fridge next year. I need to revamp my room and find a space for it!
My masks and chocolates will all be in my "paparagi" fridge! :)

G A M E S  T I M E !
All the left over fruits and marshmallow as "ingredient"...

Playing Five Ten, Loser Drinks.
Singyee & Jon had to drive so they had "special" chocolate mix drink!
The rest of us had alcohol mixed with fruits?!

Jon & his TACTIC!
Act picking up call to avoid drinking his chocolate with water & marshmallow! 
Hahaha :)

I really had fun playing games with them! 
In between also joined girlfriends who were playing Cluedo for a few rounds.
Thanks everyone for helping me to finish up the last bit of BBQ food!
Last round of BBQ before besties & the guys left.

Almost everyone left by 2am except for Taiwan mates, Yvonne, Chris & Fennie.
So thankful that they stayed to help me cleaned up the place & accompanied me to stay at the chalet for that night! Hahaha :)
Really grateful for it as the cleaning up was not easy as well! Washing up all the cutlery and putting everything back in place. Esp, washing the chocolate fountain was super tedious!


Below are all the presents I've received for my 21st birthday!

T H A N K S :
Singyee, Vonne, Jiaqi, Yinghui, Jon, Weekiat, Sam for the Kate Spade wallet & iPhone portable charger
Karen, Rayne, Fify, Chris, Yvonne, Fennie, Ah Ma for the "paparagi" mini fridge, Coach wristlet, OPI nail polish set, Loreal eye cream & the cute Hello Kitty lock
Alison & Family for the Coach coin purse
Lynette & Huifen for the Bebe perfume
My mum's friend for the Gucci's Flora perfume
Elder Bro & Shixuan for the Hello Kitty wristlet & angbao
Relatives & Dad for the angbaos
Mum for sponsoring all BBQ food!

. . . . .

It was really an awesome night because everyone I invited were closed to me. Not anyone that I felt like I have to "entertain". All friends are somehow related or know each other so not that awkward like total strangers among them. 
Food were alright, desserts were great, environment was good.
Everything went passed like the blink of an eye. The night was over, my birthday was over & I had gotten my key to freedom, age of 21 now.
I hope I had thank everyone that helped out & for the presents as well. 

Thanks Singyee & Jiaqi for the photos.
The pictures above have gone through major edit because the colour of the photos were super orangey. 
And had also grabbed some photos from various girlfriends' Facebook. Thanks girls for the photos too!

Thank you friends for being with me all along & you are the greatest gift! :)

g s i a n g , L O V E .


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