Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Really late update, but I'm still not uploading pictures for my actual birthday party.
This is just gonna be a PRE- 21st birthday post.

I thought it will be great to share a little on what happened before the actual day itself.

For those who came to my birthday will know that it was held at ...

It was kinda hard to access to the place but it's a nicer place as compared to any other chalets out there, other than Singyee's 21st birthday chalet. Nothing beats her birthday venue, seriously!
Anyway, back to my chalet, everything was pretty new. 
Living room with TV, DVD player
Dining area which is super close to the BBQ pit, just a door away
Fully equipped kitchen with cutlery, utensil, microwave oven & etc.
Two rooms & one toilet located at the second level
Last but not least mahjong table & mahjong set!

Something that is not very new is the WALLS, left with marks of scotch tape or whatever tapes for decoration purposes left by previous user
also the rooms... not super nice but acceptable.

. . . . .

Enough of saying, just some pictures of the surrounding

The whole place was enclosed by glass which I don't really like because there is no sense of privacy so we drew up almost all the curtains!
Super casual Vonne!

Singyee doing the cleaning of prawns 
& .....

painstakingly removing the shit from the prawn!!!
I know it's a bit gross, but eating it is even more gross....

then followed by Singyee starting up the fire, as usual!
Oh gosh! Seriously, I think I'm not helping at all, Singyee did all the jobs!

Finally start BBQ-ing & Vonne helped out with the BBQ...

Sweety Marshmallow, my favourite! I especially liked the rainbow ones than the big white ones!

We cooked all the food, brought it in the chalet & started eating together!
I love that moment. I totally enjoyed it! :)

Thanks Singyee, Weekiat & Vonne for BBQ-ing all the food.
I remembered I didn't helped out much. I got no idea what I was doing...! Hehehe!

Time to get our BRAINS MOVING after yummy BBQ food!
Mahjong time!
& I lost $22? $27?! or $9?! I LOST ANYWAY.

It was getting late & we only started decorating the place at about 3am?! 
The wall was too low and can barely see the words if I were to stand there.
Super tired and playing around with the words, but luckily everything turned out well!


By the time we were done with the decoration, it was near to 5am and all of us went home to catch some sleep before waking up to prepare MORE stuff for the actual day!
Thanks friends & Sorry to make you suffer with me! Sleepless night :(

It was just a simply night which I spend with my close friends, Singyee, Vonne & Weekiat.
My parents and younger brother did dropped by to have the BBQ food and went home around 11pm.
Elder brother and his gf came at 12 plus, slacked around and 'look after' the chalet after we left at 5am.
Thanks to these people making a great night and with all the help, a successful 21st party on the next day! :)

gsiang, with love & gratitude :)

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