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 D A Y   E I G H T

if you haven't read on Day Seven, click here.

  1 9 J u l y 2 0 1 1

It was a rushing day for us. We had to catch our flight at around 7pm that night.
I think we were all tired and that's why Fennie & Chris overslept on that day.
Yvonne & I went to get breakfast for all of us while the two of them bathed and get prepared.

Yvonne & I had famous and yummy beef noodles just around the corner from our hotel.
Bought 炸酱面 for the two of them and also additional wanton soup to share.
We were so rushing so no pictures for the whole morning :(

We were all rushing because we had to check out before 12pm.
We left our luggages in the hotel and head out to Longshan Temple...

Following the people brought us to Longshan Temple easily! :)
It's quite a huge crowd in the temple even though it is a Tuesday.

I'm not a person who will go temple very often, but I found something rather interesting.
We went in the temple and were looking for the incense. We followed people and saw the person giving out incense. We were given 7 sticks of incense each and thinking why 7?!
In the end we realized there is seven different 'pots' for the incense in the temple.
Is this common in all temples or Sg?

After Longshan Temple, we went back to Ximending for the last round of shopping.
There were some things that we wanted to buy but we had serious problem of overweight luggages.
Bought a little more stuff and also yummy Ah Zhong Mian Xian to eat when we reached airport.
We called Mr Mountain (the driver who brought us to Jiufen) to send us to airport. His charges is definitely cheaper than the rates the hotel had offered. Hotel rates are around NT1200, but we only paid him NT900! Good deal! :)

See our luggages! Came with 4 luggages, went back with 6 luggages plus 2 big 'plastic' bag (Elmo & Leopard) and Chris's blue hand carry! I even used my pink Adidas bag to some of the things as well!

We reached at 4.45pm when our flight is 7.10pm! Hahaha! Kiasu!
We were all still happily waiting for time to pass before we can check in at 5.20pm until......

Our luggages overweight when we were checking in.
Situation was....
All the 4 big luggages were checked in. The Elmo bag overweight so we were told to remove some things from it, but the whole Elmo bag was filled with ALL masks and cup noodles!
Then we were told that masks contained liquid so can't hand carry up the flight. So how?!!
Then we asked to have our big luggages back so that we put the masks into our luggages and take out some of the things we bought (like clothes, shoes...) BUT our luggages all went down!!! No way to take it back! :( All we can do is to do a little switching of things here and there from our hand carry and paid the additional baggage fee which cost total NT42000, SGD$45 EACH!!! 
I should totally blame the hotline that we were given before we came to Taiwan. The hotline is for buying extra baggage but the number didn't work! So we got no way but to pay for the extra fees!

This is our receipt for extra 7kg of baggage. It was actually 8kg but the lady at the check in counter was SUPER nice! She saw us struggling with our luggage and she helped us to cheat 1kg of it! Really have to thank her! :) Taiwanese are really nice people! :)

When we were waiting to board our flight, one of the airport attendant walked to us and said due to the huge amount of hand carry luggages, we will help you to check in your luggages for FREE! Damn it lo.. If we knew this was going to happen, we wouldn't had paid that $45 to check in that Elmo bag!!!

See that Doritos? They were all laughing at me because I insisted on taking it from the hotel room even though we barely have space for it! But it's free!!! Hahaha! :) We were all famished by 7pm! From the morning till 7pm, I only had the beef noodles plus half of Ah Zhong Mian Xian! 

I was so hungry that I ordered a curry chicken rice on the plane.
Cost freaking SGD$8 and it's quite little...
When we touched down Sg, we sorted out our things, Chris & Yvonne left first.
Fennie & I went to had Burger King and chatted about our trip before going home.

It's a very long trip, 8 Days 7 Nights. 

A little summary of total expenditure.
Took Jetstar, ~$450 inclusive of extra leg space.
Cityinn Plus Hotel, $250 for 7 nights.
Expenses, $1200
Total Expenditure = $1900

All places are fun and good! Taiwanese are very polite and they provides very good services.
Most of the food are yummy and cheap! Clothing are more casual and that is why I didn't buy a lot.


T H E I R  F O O D
 Seriously, missing a lot of the food!

This marks an end to my trip, shall post my birthday photos after I get it sorted out.

g s i a n g , t h e  e n d

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