Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rayne's 22nd Birthday

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  R A Y N E !
Last Saturday, 18 June was the celebration for Rayne's 22nd. 
It was a simple and fun day spent at Studio M with our usual clique plus her BFF and her B! :)

Pony balloon that her BFF, Janice got for her.

XOX is here to celebrate with her :)

We were the first group of people to reach, nothing to do? Camwhore!

Karen did this pink/red BROWNIE for Rayne with cute heart shaped design on top!
It really didn't tasted like brownie because of the colour! However, it still tasted yummy! :)

s u s h i    .    p i z z a    .    w i n g s    .    d e s s e r t  

We are having a  ' F E A S T ' !!! 

Rayne is never short of liquor. And I actually took the Midori back home so that I can use it on my birthday! Wahahaha! Thanks Rayne! :)

While waiting for the rest to come . . . . .

Rayne & Janice! So coincidently that they both wore the same colour clothes! Really BFF!

.  x o x o  .

Finally my FA mate came! Yvonneee ~

And now, we can finally cut cake! :)

See the cute pony and heart candles that Janice prepared for Rayne! So cuteee! :)

s i n g .                               c l a p .                           w i s h .                            b l o w .

Rayne & her B, Andy.

. P R E S E N T  T I M E .
Guess what did we get for her? She can tell from just the wrapping paper itself!

We got Diana F in hot pink for her! Now she called it Mr Pinky! :)

Spoiler of the Day : The Birthday Cake, Swensen's Ice Cream Cake
There is no freezer in the room, only fridge sooooooo the cake melted!
Then, we asked the hotel person to put it in a FREEZER for us & we collected one hour later ......


This was what happened.

 M E L T E D  
let's just dig in! 


Next second 

*O U C H*

Big Head Chris hit the ceiling and fell 'dead' on bed! Wahahaha :)

Night ended with awesome game, Cluedo!

. Little Thoughts . 
Studio M is hotel with quite attractive concept of 2 levels in a room.
The toilet is O M G small plus no ventilation at all. BAD :(
However, overall is still consider good.

Anyway, above images are taken using my new camera with the help of photoshop.
I think the photos are too orangey right?!

Counting, 2 weeks & 3 days to Taiwan!

g s i a n g , B a b y  G i - m y n e w n i c k

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