Thursday, April 01, 2010

This is a useless blog filled with words! Hahahah! I'm finally using my lappy to update my blog but the useless internet can't let me upload pics!
I feel like closing down my blog liao la... so long nv update one... Hahahah!

I'm like soooooooooo happy!!! Going bkk in less than one weeks time!!! Another 6more days to go!!!! Ohman..... is like my first time going overseas with just my friend.... as in really taking plane going oversea, nt malaysia that kind! I guess I can't fall asleep on tue night!!! Hahahah!
Going to have medicure, pedicure, nice food, shoppppping from day to night!!! It's like i'm going to heavan! But thinking of coming back and need to find job......LIFE SUCKS!.... :(

Anyway, I think I shld just enjoy my life first! Hahaah! Short update this time... Gonna slp soon cos tmr still got Kbox session with besties! And the nx time i will update shld be when I'm back from BKK!!!

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