Monday, March 15, 2010

CMI Internet

I couldn't really login to fb or use the Internet! I've been wanting to post lots of stuff! Now I'm finally free yet I hope I have some jobs for me! Internet sucks and without Internet, there's nothing much I can do!
I feel that now is just the start of my life! What job is plan for me ahead? I don't really know what I want. Cos I always just accept and take whatever is in front of me! But now is abt my job! I don't even know if I will be happy to work in that environment! It's damn scary! And tues I'm going for an interview at scanteak! Hope everything will be fine and plan smoothly for me!
And I'm super looking forward to my bkk trip! But the situation in bkk now is so effing serious! Hope it will be peaceful in 3wks time, possible??? There's so much things I wanna buy and just now saw what Alison bought from bkk even more tempting!!! Hahaha! But hope I can get more temporary or event jobs within these 3wks so that I got more money to spend at bkk! Hahaha! Whoohoo!
I thin I really gotta go slp now! But hope I will be able to upload some photos to my blog real soon or even change layout or stuff!!!
Bye! gsiang

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