Saturday, April 26, 2014

What An Unlucky Day

I didn't blog for such a long time but sadly when I blog now, nothing good is coming out.

I had my first TP and........ I failed.

Not feeling good when the engine stalled for the very first time just abt an hour before my TP. I have never experienced it before after having 20+ lessons. It just got to happened right before my TP. And so, I learnt how to switch on the engine just today. I have never turn on engine since Day 1 I learnt driving. Good or bad? Should I be happy that I learnt smth new??
Worst sign ever.

Parallel parking, one which I am pretty confident about doing it without error. And yet, this got to be the fatal one. Instead of brake, I stepped on accelerator. Giving the tester and myself a shock. FML... really... Never ever occur to me that I will step wrongly.... What's wrong with my leg?!! So damn disappointed with myself.
Immediate Failure.

I have guessed that I am going to fail so went to the road to drive and can't be bother too much about it. Mind wasn't really focusing already. So, when changing lane got deducted another 8 pts for obstructing other vehicles. Hais.... What's 8 pts when I already received the "death penalty" :(

I thought I might mount or strike kerb but surprisingly I didn't. Got caught for not checking blind spot ... and some feedbacks from the tester were so new to me. I didn't know I was too slow going up the ramp. I thought as long as the pole doesn't fall I'm good. Gosh... learnt something new again?!

What I am really sad about is, I got to retake FTT, renew PDL and spent more money on this freaking license. I have been spending quite a bit on driving and really hate to spend more.... And I've school and work but still got to spend time on driving!

All I can do now is to comfort myself and get over with this. This feeling of failing TP is so close to the feeling when I screw up my first exam paper during last sem. Sucks so much! Whatever it is, I need to pull myself out from this driving thing and focus on my exams now.

Anyway, unlucky day is just really unlucky. Even didn't get to have dinner at somewhere nice. Had chicken rice for dinner and maybe I should be happy that friends and I got the last chicken rice!!! I'm thankful that I have friends who spent the night together with it. We had yummy ice cream and waffles at Lick... Something sweet to make my day a little better.

Please don't let me be this unlucky during my second TP. Lady Luck, where were you this afternoon?

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