Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life Updates

I'm coming to this space lesser nowadays.
Meanwhile, I'm actually preparing for my Bangkok 2012 post to be upload to this space.
Just need to do some typing for it.

I'm having a little time to update about my recent life while doing a mask before sleeping.
My life is busy. Packed with all things/events planned months ahead...

1) Work.
I've NEVER been so busy in office. With the new temp staff (standing in for my co who is on maternity leave) coming in, my colleague providing training and me covering up part of the work in exchange, this is just insane. I'm loaded with so much emails and reports to run. I used to run at most 20 reports daily, but up to 40 or more now! This is excluding the long lists which are pending on hand, adding up to over a 1000 of them. My team being questioned for the delay in emails reply. It used to be 5/6 people team which is falling back to just 3 people. What do you think? I'm doing OT for a week plus now and thank god for the temp staff. I'm hoping it will be better next week. IT WILL, pls! Because of work, I really didn't have much mood to even study for the FTT (partial reason for canceling it).

2) Final Theory Test (FTT).
I booked my FTT in March and BY RIGHT having it on 29 June (Friday). I must be dreaming or smth when I booked it. How can I booked it during my company's quarter end (QE)? It's the busiest period which happens every 3 months. Worst, FRIDAY. I need to stay back in office until 12AM! This is demoralizing. I'm not even a bit confident that I can pass the test, so I'm giving up. Canceling and booking another date which the earliest will be 21 Aug! Damn sad :( I'm having some problems with canceling and booking. First of all, I need to top up the value in my acc, min $8 which I only need $6 (plus $0.90 booking fee if done online) for booking a new test date. After that, I need to cancel my original booking which the system is telling me there will be a $6 cancellation charge. HOW CAN?! I'm currently waiting for CDC to reply me.

3) Rayne's Birthday.
Something which I'm really looking forward to because good food are on their way! Thou place for dinner is not confirm but it's always good to have some celebration. And best thing: CAKE! :) And that will probably be the very last day to enjoy all kind of food comfortably, without restrictions because.......

I'm going to extract 2 teeth on 16 Jun, the day right after Rayne's celebration. Excited to have the braces on and journey to straight and nice smile but not the tooth extraction part. I'm actually going in the morning at 10.40AM. I'm hoping I will be too tired/hungry to think about the pain but just get it over and done with then straight home! Gonna be "bo gay" for a week before putting on the braces. The saddest is not being able to eat whatever I want or even comfortably. Food is so impt to me, but I'm giving it all up just for this! I hope it wouldn't be as bad as what I thought.

That's about it. Without the FTT, it might be better. I'm cramping all things together because I really wish to be done with my goals for this year. However, it isn't working out well... Money and Time are really issues. Ok, time to sleep. Already put on my mask for 25 mins...
Look out on this space. Gonna post the BKK trip soon.


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