Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello Taiwan in few hours ...


I will be flying off to Taiwan in few hours time.
We have been waiting since 27 February. That is the date we booked our tickets.
Long enough huh? Nearly 5 mths! My neck is long enough to fight with giraffe! Hahaha :)

We are all prepared! Itinerary done, everything is planned! 
8 Days 7 Nights with Yvonne, Chris & Fennie! :)

Flight timing 7.10 am.
Gonna meet the girlies 4.30 am at Changi Airport Terminal 2 for McDonald's breakfast.
Then, flyyyyyyyyyyy! :)

I will sure be damn excited to show you people the photos of food, fun & things I bought when I'm back!
Okay people, check out this space probably 2 weeks later?! It should be enough time for me to upload all the photos here to share about my V I R G I N  Taiwan trip!

Bye! Gonna take a 2hr plus nap and gonna prepare to head to airport!

g s i a n g , m i s s  u .

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