Sunday, December 20, 2009

Think abt continuous 6days of 12hrs working life makes me feel stressful and sians.
Stress, cos FYP is not even done. Still got loads of work waiting to be done. Design!!! Even design finish still need to do technical drawing, 3d modelling, rendering bla bla bla..... It's killing millions of my brain cells everyday! I guess this is really the first time me being so stress over sch stuff! How?!?! And all my classmates are tweeting abt FYP, FYP & STILL FYP!!! Damnit la. But I'm like still working like crazy from nw till Christmas! Save me pls, at least give me some ideas! Useful ones....!
I came back from my going-14 working hrs, I'm like super tired. Can't even have the energy to think of studio! I only have maybe 2hrs of time to use computer! Hahahah:) And today, my first meal is at 3pm! Firstime sia, so late then eat lunch! Cos I'm always on time for my meals... but today is exceptional. But I came hm...... I ate one piece of Royce choc. It's heavenly nice, it melts in your mouth..... Yummy! :) Then add like some malaysian biscuits then add chewing gum!!! (Before typing the 'gum' word correctly, guess what did I type?!? I think I'm crazy! I type 'GYM'!!! It's like hinting me that I need to do FYP sia!) Okays... It's effing fattening to eat at such late hours!
Tmr working half day at Hougang then go with Vonne to some flea market to sell her stuff! Anyway, tmr will be my first visit to a flea market. Nv went to one before! Whoos!
That's all for the day, I'm gonna slp. Tired plus tmr got to wake up early for my work!

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