Sunday, November 18, 2012


Finally spending a bit of my Sunday time doing up this post.

It was BFFs, Singyee & Vonne's birthday last month.
We had a simple yet yummy dinner at Bosses @ Vivo City.

Here comes our food!

    Xiao Long Bao

    Salted Egg Yolk Prawn

    Custard Buns

    Peking Duck Skin Wrap

    Peking Duck

I really like the Peking Duck Wrap and also Salted Egg Yolk Prawn.
Anything seems yummy with salted egg yolk :)

Moving on to our next destination - COASTES

Not too long after we reached, we saw a mini fireworks.
Ok, it looked like fire from the photo! Hahaha! :)

Yinghui & Sam joined us after our dinner and supposed to bring the birthday cake secretly.
Somehow the birthday girls discovered them when we're on our way to find a nice chilling place.

Love the group photos! It's really hard to have everyone out together.

My drinks for the night. Oh, & I love the Apple Cider!

Two lovely birthday girls! 

Guessing present time!

Our gift to her - Craftholic and A&F gift card

Now it's Singyee's turn to open up her present!

Melissa shoes for her! Glad that she likes the colour and the size fits her well!

Vonne & all her crazy plushies key chain!!!

G A M E S  T I M E !

Had a really fun time playing charades! 

Yinghui trying really hard to think of how to act out as carpark attendant!

Guess what is she acting?

It's Garang Guni!!! Hahaha! 

Lastly, ending off with a photo of me trying to act out WEDDING PLANNER!
Wtheck, so difficult please.... but the guys still manage to guess it correctly! :)

By right, the gift for the games was supposed to be the strips craftholic. However the game is taking too long until all the lights were switched off. 
We ended up playing "hai dai" among the 4 girls to decide who to get it 
Whoohoo ~

Really enjoy such simple & fun night playing all the games that we randomly came up with on the spot.
Hope there are more of such nights to come....

Now I'm off to watch We Got Married again! Current addiction! :)

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