Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pre Tooth Extraction

It's really late now as tmr is still a working day. However I'm on half day tmr and am going to Camden Medical Centre for my tooth extraction.
It has been postponed from June 16 to tmr, 3 July. In my mind, I'm telling myself just get over and done with yet feeling real nervous and scared deep down in my heart. Oh goodness..
My parents are not being very encouraging either. All saying I can choose not to put on braces . My dad even said that amt of money can use to do hair implant?! Wtf. Haha!
Wanted to take a bus but I think I just wanna cab there chop chop and get everything done asap. Its just sound so stupid worrying abt all these yet I know I'm still going through tmr. I just need to rant.
Plan for tmr: peanut butter bread, cab, extract, cab home! EVERYTHING is gonna be okay! *Finger crossed*
Goodnight friends. Hope I can fall asleep very soon after I publish this post. Anyway I'm here typing away on my Note. Kinda useful uh?!

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Heike Forrester said...

You’re halfway to achieving perfectly straight teeth. I can almost see some changes in your 6th month of having braces. Just keep following your dentist’s advice, and you’ll be off braces very soon. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you with no braces. Keep us posted! :) Thank you! #Heike Forrester

james john said...

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